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Published Thu. Sep. 24, 2009

The Apple AirPort express wireless router was great back in the day with an iBook and an AirPort card. 802.11g was runing 50mbps

I just upgrated the router to an 802.11n running 300mbps.

WEP was for g
WPA2 is for n

I had to use this crazy password for my AirPort Express G router in order for both my MacBook AND my PC laptop to connect…

Hex equivalent password (WEP key): A0DC0C0513B7D988BDFFE90864
26 decimal string

WPA2 security for 802.11N uses just a passphrase (easier to remember) and must encrypt it.

I like the the speed and easy to remember password.

Although I miss just using an open network for anyone to join.


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