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How to send an HTML email in Gmail

Published Mon. Nov. 12, 2012

This came in handy when needing to create and test html email blasts and only having access to and web browser and Gmail.

How to send an HTML email in Gmail

Mail clients like Mac Mail and Outlook Express allow you to send email as html. But if your using Gmail in a web browser, there is not a clear way to send html email messages….just plain text or rich text.

I've seen some scripts that allow this using Google Docs, but I prefer this very simple work-around.

Step 1. CREATE an html email in your favorite code editor (for a promotional eblast or a stationary template)

Step 2. OPEN the html file in your favorite web browser.


Step 4. COPY

Step 5. PASTE into the body of a Gmail email (Compose)

Step 6. Address and Test


Next all show you the perfect format for an html email blast (table based of course) that is tested in all clients and browsers.

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