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Mont Blanc to Elbrus Matrix Item Broken Images

Published Tue. Jan. 03, 2017

When upgrading from Mont Blanc to Elbrus, matrix item images are broken within the cart and order summary sections. I encountered this when upgrading a client, and we noticed that carted matrix items were no longer displaying their images. Note: this will show the matrix parent image, we show different images per matrix options in another article.

Netsuite changed the code in two files…we comment out the newer code and replace with a version of the tag that will display images for matrix items.

{{item._thumbnail.altimagetext}} The Cart module needs an update on its template called cart_lines.tpl In addition to the shopping cart page, the cart summary appears on every step of the checkout, but only a single file is needing the update. The Transaction Line Views module needs an update on its template file called transaction_line_views_cell_navigable.tpl But, in order to use the item._ before the thumbnail variable, we must add this line to the corresponding Views javascript file. , item: item Once these two modules are updated, you can gulp local to test, and then gulp deploy so your client will be happy to see the images appearing for matrix items. Stay tuned for another article on showing different images for different matrix options based on naming convention and some front end jquery.


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