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Show Ship Date in a Netsuite MyAccount

Published Wed. Oct. 25, 2017

The Netsuite My Account has a Recent Purchases section that shows a list with status, amount, transaction date, but does not include the ship date field. A client requested this enhancement, and this is how I worked the field into Site Builder Extensions Mont Blanc.

By default, the Order History service is pulling in all sorts of fields from the transaction. But not the ship date.

There are two modules we will need to modify.
1. Transaction Module
2. Overview Module (not Order History)

The file Transaction.Model.Extensions.js needs the shipdate column added. Just copy from an existing, and add in for shipmate.

The file Transaction.Model.js needs shipdate within the columns, results, and getRecordFields functions.

The file Overview.Home.View.js needs the shipdate field added to the getContext and columns as well.
Here you can access the label to display the header on the Recent Purchases section of a Netsuite My Account.

In other future articles, I will discuss adding a custom notes (transaction field) and saving it to the Sales Order, and also a detailed instruction on how to gulp deploy, and control versioning with GitHub.


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